Sculpture Meets Style


While the intersection between art and interiors is undeniable, it is rare to see the two fields married perfectly. Luxury home decor designer Randell Morgan does just that. A sculptor based in Texas, Morgan applies his artistic eye to handmade furniture, crafting one-of-a-kind geometric seating, side tables, and accessories. The son of a woodworker, Morgan draws inspiration from his father’s practice of building wooden spiral staircases when designing his own collection. The results are multi-sided art objects envisioned in rich leather and teak produced on a made to order basis. RandellMorgan_02


With their clean lines and luxury materials, it comes as no surprise that Morgan’s sculptural furnishings haven’t gone unnoticed—his pieces have been featured in Neiman Marcus’ flagship pop-up, GOOP, and Ceylon et Cie. With his unique take on home goods, Morgan has emerged as a true art object innovator. Below I’ve shared a few of my favorite pieces for you to admire.




Image sources: Portrait of Randell Morgan and product images

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