Presenting…The Producer’s Office

Blye_image edited

Here’s a theme I’ve been playing with lately: how to best indulge the marriage of design and film in my life? The answer: create the perfect Producer’s Office.

To create an office that is commanding yet distinctly feminine, what better way to start than with Area Environments’ bold peonies wallpaper to serve as the anchor for the space? Visually stunning in its simplicity and scale, the wallpaper’s floral motif provides an environment in which ideas can literally bloom. We then added a custom marble slab desk with a geodesic base to give an elegant contrast to the ladylike florals. Then a sprinkle of sleek, streamlined wood flooring along with the proverbial “casting couch” (sourced from one of my all-time favorite vendors, Los Angeles-based Lawson Fenning). And finally, we topped it all off with an Oscar statuette for the perfect desk accessory.

The final product: a room that marries Northern and Southern Californian design sensibilities and that stands as a metaphor for a great short film—an interior that is edited, focused, and has impactful statement elements that give the space staying power.



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