Photographer of the Stars: Slim Aarons

Reproduction, © Bloomsbury Auctions

I was just pulling some Venice photos together last week from our Spotlight sojourn and as I did, there staring back at me was my fabulous Hotel Il Pellicano coffee table book with an iconic image from renowned American photographer Slim Aarons gracing its cover. I took it as a sign that I was lucky enough to be experiencing a few weeks of what Aarons peddled to us mere mortals in his glamorous collections of photos over the past few decades and that it was a good time to share a few of my favorites here on the blog.

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Known for his vibrant photographs of socialites, jet-setters, and red carpet stars, Aarons never used a stylist or makeup artist. The photographer best summarizes his own style, claiming he made his career of “photographing attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places.” His compositions, taken from the 1950s until the 80s, depict the inner lives of Hollywood’s reigning elite as they lounge by the pool or pose near their sweeping beachfront estates. Although Aarons left us in 2006, his iconic portraits of the luxurious yet relaxed California lifestyle never will.

Image sources: Poolside Gossip, Beverly Hills Hotel, Donald Leas, Tennis in the Bahamas, and Faye Dunaway

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